About Us



Welcome to our new website RJN Creations LLC.  Latest trends in fashion jewelry and our specialty, personal bracelets made just for you. We have all heard, seen or have a “P” charm bracelet made with beautiful charms we select ourselves.  I would like to make you a bracelet, where you too, select what you want to adorn your bracelet.

Personalize with:

  • Silver, Gold or Mixed metal
  • Bling/Crystals
  • Sports, Pets, Initials, Flowers, Colors, Holidays, Births, Moms, Graduation, Hobbies and more

I  create bracelets that will be listed for sale on the website or you can contact me  directly at rjncreationsllc@yahoo.com to create your personal bracelet.

The price of your bracelet will be calculated using the following pricing:  $5.00 per bead, plus $6.00 for chain.